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Giannis Antetokounmpo vs Washington Wizards, December 12th 2016Giannis Antetokounmpo vs Washington Wizards, December 12th 2016By: Keith Allison

National TV Channels Airing NBA Games this Season

ChannelGamesLatest Game (EST)Watch LinkWebsiteLinks
Pacers @ Celtics
Watch Tonight on
Wizards @ Lakers
Watch NBA
Pelicans @ Bucks
Nets @ Celtics
Watch ESPN2
Celtics @ Pelicans

Watch NBA live stream of games on TV today on these channels - doubleheaders on ESPN Wednesday & Friday nights, doubleheaders on TNT Thursday nights (and Tuesday nights starting late January), a single game Saturday night and Sunday afternoon on ABC (starting mid-season) and games any given day (except Thursday) on NBA-TV.

We have constantly updated databases of NBA games, the TV channels they air on and TV plans for cable, satellite and online streaming providers. We combine all this information in tables throughout the website to help you decide what TV plans are best for you to watch NBA games this season.

NBA Games Today (EST)


Watch NBA Games this Season

NBA games air nationally on NBA-TV, ESPN, TNT or ABC on a rotating basis throughout the regular season, into the NBA Playoffs and on through the NBA Finals. This table provides each channels' national broadcast schedule, with live stream links and app downloads so you can watch any game live from your computer, mobile device or streaming box. Login credentials are required to access any live game feeds.

BroadcastChannelRegular & Postseason Broadcast ScheduleWatch LinkApp
NBA TVNBA-TVGames any given day of the regular season except Thurs (typically Mon, Tues or Sat with occasional Wed, Fri or Sun games when ESPN can't air games), some first round NBA Playoff gamesNBA TVNBA app
NBA on ESPNESPNDoubleheaders most Wed & Fri nights of the regular season, first & second round NBA Playoff games, one conference final series every seasonWatchESPNESPN app
NBA on TNTTNTDoubleheaders most Thurs nights of regular season, doubleheaders most Tues nights starting late January, first & second round NBA Playoff games, one conference final series every seasonWatch TNTTNT app
NBA on ABCABCMultiple games on Christmas Day, a single game some Sat nights & Sun afternoons starting mid-season, first & second round NBA Playoffs games, entire NBA FinalsWatchESPNESPN app

*ESPN, TNT & NBA-TV are all cable channels; you'll need a cable plan in order to watch. Providers that carry all four channels are listed in a table at the bottom of this page. ABC is a local channel you can access for free with a digital antenna hooked up to your television. Otherwise ABC is included in most cable plans as part of a local TV lineup. 

NBA Holiday Games - Christmas, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The NBA airs five games on Christmas Day; a tradition they've kept up for over a decade now. All Christmas Day games air on either ESPN or ABC any given season, under the 'NBA on Christmas Day' moniker. Games usually start at noon ET and go into the late evening, all airing at different times so you can watch all five games throughout the day.

And TNT and NBA-TV are the channels to watch games on MLK Jr. Day. TNT airs a triple-header on this day (three back-to-back games) while NBA-TV kicks off the day with a single game, usually starting in the early afternoon. The three TNT games begin after the NBA-TV broadcast, so you can watch all four games throughout the day.

*Flex Scheduling for TV Networks Airing Games

Every TV network airing NBA games can use what's called 'flexible scheduling', meaning they can replace previously scheduled games with more compelling matchups throughout the season, at any given time.

They have to give us at least two week's notice though so it's somewhat rare, given how hard it is to coordinate changes for games with short notice to staff, talent, arenas, etc. But it goes happen a handful of times a year, especially if a team turns out to be really good in a season where no one expected them to be, or on the flip side if a team loses star power due to major injuries. Also can happen more in the final week of the regular season as they only have to provide one week's notice, so they can broadcast the best games with playoff intrigue.

NBA League Pass: Watch Out-of-Market NBA Games

NBA League Pass is owned and operated by the NBA. This service allows you to watch or live stream every single out-of-market NBA game. Keep in mind you won't get every NBA game through this service; they blackout nationally aired games for broadcasting rights reasons. So consider this option in addition to having cable TV, if your aim is to watch every single NBA game of the season without restrictions.

You can subscribe to NBA League Pass either monthly or annually, and they have many different packages that cater to specific fans. You also don't need cable to get NBA League Pass; it's offered as a standalone service online. But if you do have cable, the service is available as an add-on to your current monthly plan through these providers: U-verse, DirecTV, Dish, FuboTV, Sling TV, YouTube TV and many other regional cable providers. 

NBA League Pass has options for watching all out-of-market games for the entire league, or what they call 'NBA Team Pass' so you can pay less monthly or yearly and get access to just one team. Amazon Prime Video also offers access to this service if you prefer to use their streaming platform; the price is the same. Also if you hate commercials they have a premium plan where you pay a little extra but don't have to watch any ads.

NBA League Pass OptionsDescription of CoverageMonthlyYearlyWatch LinkApp
NBA League PassAll teams, out-of-market only$28.99$99.99NBA TVNBA app
NBA League Pass on Prime VideoAll teams, out-of-market only$28.99$99.00Prime VideoPrime Video app
NBA League Pass PremiumAll teams, no commercials, out-of-market only$39.99$124.99NBA TVNBA app
NBA League Team PassOne team, out-of-market only$17.99$59.99NBA TVNBA app
NBA-TV Regional NBA-TV channel access$6.99$29.99NBA TVNBA app
Premium + NBA TVAll teams, no ads, out-of-market only + NBA TV$46.99$154.99NBA TVNBA app

NBA League Pass Add-ons

NBA League Pass add-on options can all be purchased without the need to subscribe to any of the main passes. For example, you can get NBA Audio Pass only, without purchasing any other NBA League Pass subscriptions. Same for single game access or the VR option. 

NBA League Pass Add-OnsDescription of Add-onOne-Time Cost, Per Season
Virtual RealityUse your VR headset to watch select NBA League Pass games$49.99
NBA Audio PassListen to live play-by-play for every NBA game, either HOME or AWAY broadcasts$9.99
Single GameChoice any single out-of-market game of the season to stream live$5.99

Watch NBA Games in 4K with DirecTV

Satellite TV provider DirecTV now offers over 16 NBA games during the regular season in up to 4K resolution, 4K/HDR. And the owner, AT&T is looking to expand that game count every season.

Currently DirecTV is the only major cable TV provider that offers 4K NBA games, which can be found on their channels 105 or 106 if you have the Select package or higher. 

Listen to NBA Games - Live Play-by-Play Radio

Listen to live radio play-by-play of every single NBA game with either of these options - both come with the ability to either listen to the HOME or AWAY team's play-by-play coverage.

Radio ServiceCostFree TrialSupported DevicesApp
NBA Audio Pass$9.99 per seasonNoDevices SupportedNBA app
SiriusXM$21.99/monthYesSiriusXM at HomeSiriusXM App

The best choice has to be NBA Audio Pass as you can purchase an entire season's worth of NBA play-by-play audio for all teams for just $9.99 flat. SiriusXM is a solid option if you want more than just NBA games; it also includes play-by-play for the NFL, MLB and NHL along with hundreds of music, sports, news and talk show stations. Keep in mind SiriusXM comes with a monthly fee, but they do offer a free trial and typically heavily discounted intro offers.

NBA on ESPN Radio 

ESPN Radio airs live play-by-play for select high profile games throughout the regular season. They also broadcast the NBA All-Star Game and the entire NBA Finals. Listen to the live stream for free with the ESPN Radio player. Use the station directory drop down if you want to toggle between any of the official ESPN Radio affiliates across the US. You can also listen live for free with the ESPN app.  

Nationally Televised Games this Season by Team

22Los Angeles Lakers
20Golden State Warriors
19Brooklyn Nets
17Boston Celtics
16Los Angeles Clippers, Phoenix Suns
15New Orleans Pelicans
14Dallas Mavericks, Milwaukee Bucks
13Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers
12Houston Rockets
11Portland Trailblazers, Utah Jazz
9Denver Nuggets
6Memphis Grizzlies, Washington Wizards
5Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, Indiana Pacers
4New York Knicks, Sacramento Kings, Toronto Raptors
3Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs
2Detroit Pistons, Orlando Magic
1Cleveland Cavaliers, Oklahoma City Thunder

TV provider plans with all channels that air NBA games this season (NBA, ESPN, TNT, ESPN2 & ABC)

TV Service Provider# PlansLowest# ChansHighest# Chans
YouTube TV1$64.9996
Spectrum TV2$69.99221$89.99284
AT&T TV3$74.99163$129.99184
Dish Network2$84.99171$94.99202
AT&T TV Now3$124.00160$183.00181
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